Belonging, Being and Becoming

We believe that children have the right to feel a sense of belonging in a safe, secure, responsive and supportive learning environment. In building strong relationships with families and the community we ensure children feel connected to their world.

We recognise the significance of the here and now and the importance of each child’s need to experience a sense of being. Children need time to be, which encourages them to get to know themselves and others, to enjoy their time in care and to build upon social and emotional skills to meet challenges with confidence when they arise.

We understand that all children’s identities, knowledge, understandings, capacities, skills and relationships change during childhood. Through their experience’s children will learn and grow creating their own identities, becoming active members of society.


Our Philosophy

In partnership with families through high quality education and care we at Brookes Street Early Education:

• Respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners, the Turrbal and Jagera people, on whose land we build our learning community and Elders past, present and emerging

• View and uphold parents/guardians as both the primary care givers and their Child’s first teacher

• Welcome, respect and value the uniqueness and individuality of each Child and family

• Promote practices of cultural competence - embedding ways of being that reflect the values, traditions and cultures of our diverse families and community

• Foster relationships that are caring, open, collaborative, respectful which support and enhance a sense of belonging and connection with families, local and wider communities

• Actively encourage families to collaborate with educators about curriculum decision making; which includes supporting children’s individual routines, transitions, needs and interests

• Provide education and care in a unique, supportive, warm, welcoming, inclusive and responsive environment that supports children’s learning through play

• Deliver a flexible curriculum which is co-constructed by Educators, Children and families enabling learning though play whereby intentional and spontaneous teaching are fundamental for nurturing the whole Child(physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing)

• Empower Children to help nurture the environment and develop sustainable practices as global citizens

• Encourage Children to become independent, capable of making decisions and confident with positive behavioural guidance

• Have an ongoing commitment to reflective practice by knowledgeable and dedicated educators as we achieve improvement through reflection, evaluation and collaboration with all members of our learning community

• Value and advocate for Children’s rights and the importance of childhood

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Family Handbook

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BSEE Family Handbook