Our Care

We respect you have entrusted us with taking care of your children and we are committed to providing a safe and friendly environment where they will thrive, learn and grow.

Care at Brookes Street

We celebrate children as valued, trusted citizens and respect them as capable, competent and confident.  Children are our central focus, and we cater to their individuality, their natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. We provide an atmosphere of trust.  We strive to develop, in each child, resilience, a sense of responsibility and intrinsic motivation as well as respect for self and others. We want children to feel a sense of ownership in our collaborative learning environment where their voice, culture and identity are represented and reflected.  We ensure that children’s diverse ways, self-expressions and ideas about the world are celebrated.

Preparing for Brookes Street

We welcome all families to contact us to arrange a visit to our centre, to meet our educators and experience our facilities. We are excited to show you what ‘a day in the life’ at Brookes Street will look like for your child.

You and your child may be a bit unsure about the first day, and this is entirely normal. Your child’s educators will be on hand to support both you and your child as you start this new journey together. Our educators at Brookes Street Early Education understand the importance of a smooth transition and we strive to build meaningful relationships to help each child feel a sense of belonging with the Brookes Street family.

Want to see our beautiful facility in person?