Our Education

Our Brookes Street Early Education team takes great pride in offering high-quality care and educational programs for children aged six weeks to preschool.

Education Philosophy

The early years are critical for establishing self-esteem, resilience, healthy growth and capacity to learn. Quality education and care shapes every child’s future and lays the foundation for development and learning.

At Brookes Street Early Education, we are passionate about our ‘Emergent’ play-based learning program based on the Early Years Learning Framework. We provide a responsive, flexible and nurturing educational program. This means it develops over time with the growth and needs of our children in partnership with our educators and families. 

Children learn through play, and they love to explore and learn. At Brookes Street, a strong emphasis is placed on the social and emotional wellbeing of our children to provide them with the best start to their education, and to ensure they feel supported to realise their full potential. 

We are committed to creating stimulating learning environments which will inspire each child’s love of learning and their social development.


Backhouse provides a nurturing, caring and safe environment for babies to learn, grow and develop with a responsive curriculum. Our qualified educators attune to each child’s cues, building secure and trusting relationships which provide the framework for infant development. Babies learn with and alongside educators, their family and community.


In the Crawley room, educators develop rich and responsive relationships with each child as they explore their world. Our qualified educators recognise the richness of play as the core of children’s learning and their engagement in authentic, meaningful experiences. Children at this age are competent and capable learners and are supported to make new discoveries, solve problems, explore and deepen their understandings.


Play is a catalyst for children’s learning. As educators in Garvey play with and alongside the children, they are actively involved in progressing their learning, engaging them with making decisions and actively inviting family involvement. Plans emerge continuously as the children and educators together co-construct opportunities. Our qualified educators propose deliberate, thoughtful and purposeful actions and responses to extend the children’s learning intentionally.

Pickard & Slater

At Brookes Street Education, we employ a four-year university-trained early childhood teacher to implement the approved Kindergarten program, providing a quality educational program for preschool children. The Early Years Learning Framework and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines guide our planning and evaluation of children’s learning. They provide a basis for ensuring that our child-centred program, intentional teaching, relationships and practices and provide children with the optimum environment for learning. 

Extracurricular Experiences

Brookes Street Early Educations takes a holistic approach to learning and development. We have several extracurricular activities offered as part of our education program, all included in your fee. Learn more about the extracurricular activities offered at Brookes Street.

Our Leadership Team

Chris-Anne and Jina opened Brookes Street together in 2019 and Lauren commenced as our Early Childhood teacher in 2020. As a result, our Brookes Street philosophy and practices are strongly embedded across the Service. The longevity of our leadership team is a testament to the positive work environment and strong company culture we have cultivated. Their collective experience and deep understanding of early childhood and the Brookes Street vision are invaluable assets that drive our continuous success.

Chris-Anne Turner


Jina Dharmaratne

Centre Manager

Lauren McMahon

Early Childhood Teacher

Our Educators

We handpick the most motivated, innovative and qualified educators and staff, who commit to providing the best possible learning experiences to ensure quality outcomes for children. We can do this by offering more permanent staff positions in our centre, as opposed to industry-standard bulk casual hire. With greater job security, our educators can focus on the quality care and education of your child.

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