Our Service Philosophy

Building strong and enduring foundations for life.

Childhood at Brookes Street Early Education

Loving     Connected     Unique     Diverse     Celebrated


We celebrate children as valued, trusted citizens and respect them as capable, competent and confident. Children are our central focus, and we cater to their individuality, their natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. We provide an atmosphere of trust. We strive to develop, in each child, resilience, a sense of responsibility and intrinsic motivation as well as respect for self and others. We want children to feel a sense of ownership in our collaborative learning environment where their voice, culture and identity are represented and reflected. We ensure that children’s diverse ways, self expressions and ideas about the world are celebrated.


We view and uphold parents/guardians as both the primary caregivers and children’s first teachers. We value the uniqueness and individuality of each child and family. We encourage families to collaborate with educators about curriculum decision making, such as supporting children’s individual routines, needs and interests. We welcome families to be actively involved in all aspects of Service life. Together we co-construct an enriching and engaging child-centred program.


Learning through play is the core of our curriculum. We deliver an authentic, flexible curriculum, which is co-constructed by children, educators and families. Intentional and spontaneous teaching and child-led learning are fundamental for nurturing the whole child – we foster their physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Our curriculum allows children to explore and engage as effective negotiators while being inquisitive learners. We believe that authentic experiences give children true understandings for lifelong learning.


We aim to create a nurturing, inclusive and responsive learning environment where there is a strong sense of belonging. Children thrive in our supportive environment. Their ideas and interests are highly valued. We also believe that natural environments are our third educator where children can feel empowered by, experiment with, express their imagination and their sense of wonder. We help children develop respect for the environment and practice sustainable actions as global citizens.


Our community will share with families the vital role of caring for and educating their children in a partnership built on trust, mutual respect and shared goals for their child. We achieve this through open and honest communication. We have strong connections with our local community, and we invite members to enhance our program. We promote practices of cultural competence – embedding ways of being that reflect the values, traditions and cultures of our diverse families, local and wider community.


Our educators are a dedicated and passionate team who contribute to and uphold all aspects of our Service philosophy. As a teaching team, we have an ongoing commitment to reflective practice with purposeful, meaningful evaluation and collaboration with all members of our learning community. We respect, acknowledge and value each other’s input and diversity. The team models and teaches appropriate positive behaviours in a warm and caring manner. We support our differences and showcase our strengths. We advocate for children’s rights and value the importance of childhood.

Our Shared Values

Our shared values drive us forward as one –

Compassionate     Respectful     Reflective     Professional     Collaborative     Progressive


In the spirit of how we work, the Brookes Street Early Education philosophy was co-produced with children, families and educators to inform how we deliver our priorities. Reviewed June 2020.

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